Representing companies and individuals in all types of business disputes

THE OVERTON LAW FIRM represents and advises businesses and individuals who are or might become involved in a lawsuit. Each of our lawyers has extensive experience in a wide variety of business litigation from relatively small disputes to actions in which hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake.

Virtually every transaction can have serious financial implications. We recognize that often the survival of the company hinges on a successful outcome. Our firm carefully manages your matter from the initial pleadings through discovery, settlement negotiations, and trial in a manner that is both cost-effective and reflective of your goals.

Whether your business problem involves complex financial transactions, complicated contract disputes, or complex procedural matters such as class actions, THE OVERTON LAW FIRM is prepared to assist. We will work with your management team to achieve your business goals. Whatever your situation, we bring our collective experience and team approach to protect your interests.

Some examples of business disputes that we handle include:

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