When Insurers Don’t Pay — Experienced Colorado Trial Attorneys

Has your insurer denied a property damage claim or a disability claim that you believe should be covered under your individual or corporate insurance policy?

At The OVERTON LAW FIRM we make insurance companies pay according to their casualty, disability or other policy agreements.

Skilled Enforcement of Your Rights

We represent individuals, homeowners, business owners and companies of all sizes in matters relating to wrongful insurance practices throughout Denver, across the state and nationwide. Whether you have millions of dollars of property damage due to a business fire loss or you have lost the ability to work because of a disability, if your insurer is refusing to pay, we can help.

Commercial and residential property insurance policies contain coverage exclusions for certain types of losses. Insurance companies employ lawyers who will pour over policies, seeking ways to avoid coverage and protect their company’s investments. We are skilled in reviewing insurance contracts and enforcing contracts through the skilled application of the law in connection to the facts of your case.

Experienced in Insurance Law

Each policy is unique and each insurer is slightly different. Our team of lawyers has the depth of experience and confidence that comes from more than 35 years of experience handling insurance bad faith and other disputes in Denver and throughout the region.

We know how to read, analyze, interpret and overcome obstacles barring your right to insurance coverage. Our practice includes:

  • Bad faith insurance practices
  • Breach of insurance contracts
  • Enforcing timely payment of benefits

Questions About Your Insurer’s Denial?

Please contact us to schedule a consultation with a Colorado trial attorney to learn how we can guide you through your insurance matter.