Contract Disputes

Contracts are at the core of a company’s business agreements, whether in writing or verbal. When the terms of a contract are breached or when questionable and unanticipated contract interpretations cause disputes, the financial impact and strain on a company can be significant. At The OVERTON LAW FIRM, we represent clients in a wide variety of unique situations

Experienced Legal Representation

At The OVERTON LAW FIRM we have represented individuals, small to mid-size businesses, and Fortune 500 and international corporations for more than 35 years. We are senior trial attorneys capable of handling business and commercial disputes that are local, national and international in scope. We know how to stand up for our clients’ interests while guiding them through the legal process.

We bring this depth of experience and versatility to your unique situation, whether you are an individual, small business or multi-national corporation. We are prepared to analyze and interpret your legal issues and contracts. At all times we provide skilled, cost-effective resolutions to your legal problems.

Clients turn to us for help protecting their contract rights. Issues we have addressed include:

· Breach of exclusive right to purchase agreements
· International arbitration regarding failure to deliver goods that meet specifications
· Failure to pay for services provided
· Failure to deliver goods that have been paid for
· Delivery of inferior quality products
· Sale of a business
· Agreement to transfer real estate
· Violations of a business operating agreement

We can help. Contact The OVERTON LAW FIRM to consult with an experienced business trial attorney.