Insurance is designed to provide protection and financial stability in a variety of ways, including protecting your property, your auto, your family, and your financial well-being. Insurance is not only advisable, but in many instances required.

Insurance is also one of the most complicated areas to deal with, and insurance policies can present a jumble of terms and definitions that sometimes defy common sense. Unfortunately, issues with insurance coverage usually only come up after a claim is made – in other words at the point when you need the protection that insurance promises, but doesn’t always deliver.

We represent individuals, homeowners, business owners and companies of all sizes in matters relating to wrongful insurance practices throughout the Denver metropolitan area and across the state. Whether you have millions of dollars of property damage due to a business fire loss or you have lost the ability to work because of a disability, if your insurer is refusing to pay, we can help.

With decades of experience working through confusing and contradictory policy language, and comparing that language to legal standards that insurance companies must meet, we can help answer your questions, such as:

· Who is covered;
· What is covered;
· The extent of coverage; and
· The limits or exclusions that may apply.

An insurance company owes you a duty of good faith and fair dealing in handling your claim, and when it doesn’t meet that obligation, you have options. In appropriate cases an insurance company may be responsible to pay your claim plus three times the amount it wrongfully withheld and your attorney’s fees.

We know pursuing an insurance company is not something to take lightly. We understand the financial and emotional toll on you, your company and your family. We’ll help you deal with your insurance company.

We’ve handled nearly all types of litigation arising from insurance company bad faith claims handling practices. Some of the insurance coverage issues we have handled include:

· Refusal to pay disability benefits
· Coverage for company officers’ and directors’ liability
· Refusal to pay for hail damage to a commercial roof
· Refusal to pay for fire damage
· Refusal to cover a rented motor vehicle
· Failure to pay health insurance benefits
· Failure to pay auto insurance benefits

If you need help in working through insurance coverage issues, we can help. Contact THE OVERTON LAW FIRM to consult with an experienced insurance trial attorney.