As the ever-evolving business world becomes increasingly complex, individuals and businesses must proactively protect the value of their technology and other intellectual property. Successful intellectual property litigation requires the ability to present complex material in a simple and understandable manner to a judge or jury.

Vigorous Representation of Your Interests

Whether the name of your company has been stolen by a larger corporation, your image has been used without authorization in an advertisement, or the writer’s credit for a song you wrote has been claimed by someone else, we can help. At The OVERTON LAW FIRM, we are trial attorneys who work hard to protect your interests across a broad range of intellectual property matters.

Our lawyers are in tune with the ever-evolving business climate as well as the nuances of intellectual property law.

Clients turn to us for help protecting their trademarks, trade secrets and copyrights. Issues we have addressed include:

· Trade secrets, including stolen formulas or other proprietary information
· Employee theft of information, including stolen customer lists and pricing lists
· Copyright infringement of music, images and other creative works
· Domain name disputes
· Stolen information technology
· Trademark infringement
· Unlicensed use of patented products

Whatever your intellectual property dispute, we can help. Contact The OVERTON LAW FIRM to consult with an experienced business trial attorney.