When should you contact an attorney about a regulatory or professional licensing issue? Immediately. If you have received a notice or a letter from the administrative board of the regulatory agency that governs your profession, it is essential you take the notice seriously and take action to protect yourself against damage to your reputation or potential loss of livelihood.

Skilled Representation in Professional Licensing Matters

At THE OVERTON LAW FIRM, our lawyers are experienced with the procedures unique to each licensing board and regulatory agency. Our work for clients includes representation on a broad range of licensure matters before virtually every regulatory agency.

If you are being accused of failure to comply with professional standards, our attorneys are prepared to knowledgeably, efficiently and skillfully protect your rights and interests.

Litigators With Decades of Experience

We have effectively represented our professional clients in litigation before licensing boards on dozens of matters.

Some Examples Include:

  • Medical doctors: Over-prescription of painkillers
  • Engineers: Violation of Professional Standards
  • Chiropractors: Over-treatment or mis-treatment of patients
  • Accountants: Errors in financial reporting
  • Real estate brokers: Misuse of client funds, mismanagement of property and failure to make necessary disclosures
  • Dentists: Failure to appropriately treat or diagnose
  • Pharmacists: Missing appropriate records for scheduled drugs
  • Therapists: Sexual relations with patients
  • Nurses: Substance abuse problems

Our firm has extensive experience representing professionals in licensing matters and proceedings before administrative and regulatory boards.

Personalized Client Service

We offer personalized service to each client. We want you to understand your rights, your legal options and what you can expect from us at every stage of the legal proceedings. This allows our clients to focus on continuing their professional practices as we defend them before their licensing board.

Protect Your Good Name and Your Livelihood

If you need assistance solving your professional licensing matter we can help. Contact THE OVERTON LAW FIRM to consult with an experienced trial attorney.