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THE OVERTON LAW FIRM is highly experienced with cases involving serious personal injuries, brain injuries and death.

The experienced attorneys at THE OVERTON LAW FIRM understand the complex medical, financial, and emotional problems that a serious injury can cause. We work hard to ensure our clients get the help and financial compensation they need to get on the road to recovery. We have achieved substantial verdicts and settlements for our injured clients, including several recoveries exceeding $1,000,000.00.*

· Have you received the kind of medical care you need so that the full extent of your injuries is known and being properly treated?
· Does the insurance company actually understand the facts of your case and the cause of your injuries?
· Is an insurance company pressuring you to settle?

This is a stressful time in life. We want you to feel confident that your personal injury case or wrongful death claim is being handled properly and aggressively by a law firm that will not back down. We are the lawyers that other lawyers refer clients to when all avenues of negotiation have broken down. We fight the fights necessary to protect our clients’ interests.

Wrongful Death

People are often hesitant to bring a wrongful death lawsuit because they feel it is wrong or impossible to place a value on a loved one they have lost. At THE OVERTON LAW FIRM, we know that money can never replace your loved one, but we also know that your losses will become even more obvious as time goes on.

· A spouse left to raise children alone will need financial help
· Parents who relied upon an adult child for help with finances or household tasks will acutely feel the loss of that valuable assistance
· Children whose parent or parents are gone will need to pay for college.

Money from a wrongful death suit can never replace your loved one, but it can help your family deal with the loss of income and services your loved one contributed. And it can hold the negligent party responsible.

Defective Products

Standing Up for People Injured by Dangerous Products

As consumers, we should expect that the products we buy are safe for us to use. We trust that manufacturers have taken the proper care in designing and manufacturing their products. We trust that the companies who distribute those products have looked into their safety. When consumers’ trust is betrayed through the careless disregard of the safety rules that protect us all, that manufacturer or distributor should be held accountable.

Poor design, manufacturing defects, defective workmanship, and hazardous materials can all result in a dangerous product which can cause serious injury and death.

The trial attorneys at THE OVERTON LAW FIRM have helped many people injured by dangerous and defective products. Some examples include:

· Death caused by a faulty handrail
· Catastrophic injuries caused by a crane collapse
· Back injuries caused by faulty chair assembly
· Liver failure caused by over-the-counter supplements
· Injuries caused by defective tires
· Burns caused by a defective heater
· Death caused by the defective design of an industrial machine
· Electrocution caused by badly designed electrical wiring

THE OVERTON LAW FIRM handles catastrophic injury cases, cases involving serious brain injuries, back injuries, spinal cord injuries, injuries that have a negative effect on almost all areas of daily life. We have successfully handled serious injury claims involving car, truck and motorcycle accidents, equipment failures and dangerous products.

If you or a family member has been seriously injured or killed, we can help. Contact THE OVERTON LAW FIRM to consult with an experienced personal injury trial attorney to gain a greater understanding of your case, your rights, and whether you have a claim for court.

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*Due to the unique facts and circumstances of each injury case, past results do not guarantee future outcomes. We would be happy to provide you with a case evaluation regarding your injury or wrongful death claim.